• FAQ’s + Info

Ticket FAQ’s:

Can I bring my own alcohol?
No. We have bars serving drinks at the venue

I can’t top up my wristband?
Have you been on the http://easte.account.playpass.eu

Can I bring my own alcohol?
No. We have bars serving drinks at the venue

What is a wristband?
If you ordered a ticket from the eastern electrics website before 30 June you should receive a wristband. This will get you into the festival and will be used to top up credit to buy drinks and food

I can no longer attend the festival?
Tickets are non-refundable. You can pass your ticket onto a friend but they need to bring ID and a copy of the payment card

What time does the festival close?
10:00 PM

What time does the festival open?
11:00 AM

Can I bring my own food?
No. We have a variety of food stalls serving food

What time is last entry?
6:00 PM

What is the age limit?
Eastern Electrics is an 18+ only event

Can I upgrade my ticket to VIP?
Yes. Available here: https://tickets.easternelectrics.com

My wristband hasn’t arrived in the post?
These tickets were not posted out, you will just need to bring your ticket and exchange this for a wristband on the day. If you don’t have your ticket, please choose from these options: www.residentadvisor.net/contact.aspx?e=8 – helpdesk@festicket.com – http://support.dice.fmsupport@thephysicalnetwork.co.uk

I haven’t paid off my deposit scheme ticket?
You have until 10pm on Tuesday 2nd August.
There will be a link in your confirmation email which allows you to pay off your ticket. Please click here if you cannot find your confirmation email.

I can’t find my confirmation email?
Please visit this page: https://tickets.easternelectrics.com/order/find

Do you refund money not spent on wristbands?
Yes we will. From Tue 8th – Fri 18th August, you will be able to claim back any money not spent on your wristband through our website. Please check back on the 8th for more information.


Door Times & Entry
Eastern Electrics runs from 11am to 10pm, with music starting right from the off! We’ve got some big names on early, so it’s well worth ensuring you get to site promptly and beat the queues by arriving early. Please note – you may experience longer queues if arriving around peak hours of 14:00 – 16:00. Please ensure that whilst travelling to and from site, that you act in a controlled and responsible manner. We rely on maintaining a strong relationship with local residents and the council, last entry 6.30pm.

Travel Information
There are a variety of ways to arrive at the festival. However, we would recommend to everyone that for value and ease of access, you make use of rail services going to and from Morden when arriving at and leaving the festival.

Underground Stations
Morden Tube Station is located at the bottom of the Northern Line, which runs directly right from central London. From the station, Morden park is a 15-minute walk away and will be heavily sign-posted on the day.

Northern line services from Morden Station also run directly to both of this year’s official after parties (held at Egg London and The Coronet Theatre). We would therefore advise anyone intending to head to one of our after parties following the festival, that they once again make use of Northern line services.

Mainline Stations
In addition to Morden Tube Station, there are the following over ground stations nearby to the park.

– Morden South Railway Station – 6 mins from Morden Park.
London Road, Morden, Merton, SM4 5HA

– St Helier Railway Station – 10 mins from Morden Park.
Green Lane, Morden, Merton, SM4 5NR

– Motspur Park Railway Station – 27 mins from Morden Park.
Station Road, off West Barnes Lane, New Malden, Merton, KT3 6JJ

Please note: There is no parking on site at the event.

Information for disabled customers

(coming soon)

Search Policy & Banned Items
For the safety of our customers and staff, security will be conducting stringent searches on the front door. Anyone found to be carrying illicit items will have them confiscated and will be removed from the festival and handed over to the police where necessary. The following items are not allowed on the festival site:

• Fireworks, Laser Pens and Flares
• Alcohol, Illicit Drugs or Legal Highs Including Nitrous Oxide
• Animals (With the Exception Of Guide Dogs)
• Selfie Sticks
• Anything Which Could Be Considered An Offensive Weapon

Please note: It is prohibited to bring food & drink (including alcohol) into the festival. This is a condition of our license and it is something we must enforce in order to secure permission for the event to go ahead.