undefined Eastern Electrics 2023

Our Story

In the early 00’s, East London was home to a huge number of disused buildings and bare bones arts venues. It was this empty landscape that enabled Eastern Electrics and their friends at Mulletover to embark on their journey, as an untouchable, underground warehouse party movement, hopping venues and dodging equipment seizures. It was this ethos of raving culture and adventurism that forged EE and keeps us going 10 years later.

The parties transcended lofts, studios and Kwik-Fit garages, to London’s biggest venues, parks and campsites... All the way to a sunny weekend, descended upon by 30,000 ravers as of 2019.

After 2019, we decided to have a year off… To recharge the batteries, and reflect on our hard work and happy memories. We at EE don’t have a crystal ball, but we knew two things: 2020 would be a write-off and EE2021 would be the ultimate remedy for reviving your raving requirements, post-pandemic.

All of us were dreaming of dancing away in a sunny field as we were stuck in isolation, and those dreams came true with 2021’s edition. We nestled into our new playground, Lee Valley, perfectly, and ramped it up in 2022, a landmark year for EE, celebrating our 10th birthday.

Across the past decade we’ve welcomed hundreds of thousands of ravers to dance across the capital and it’s been an absolute pleasure. Last year’s festival was a nod to the values that have made us who we are today, the raving culture, 10 years of raving, 10 years of doing what makes us happy. We’re proud to say it was a knees up that we’ll never forget. A massive thank you to all 20,000 of you who added to the electric energy.

‘23 marks the beginning of a new frontier. We’re back BIGGER, BETTER, BOLDER than ever.

Supercharged with the raving spirit of yesteryear and revved up with the vision of a new dawn, we step into the new decade ready to push the boundaries with our most daring show to date.

BOLDER Production

The piercing green grassland and rich woodlands of Lee Valley Showground proved to be the picturesque setting for our new sonic playground. But now that we know the ins and outs, it’s time we take it to the next level... Expect to be immersed in a sensory experience across 5 unique stages which are coming back with upgrades… and we’re not holding back on the lineup either.