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Eastern Electrics 2023


Where is the Festival site

Lee Valley Showground


Dates and opening hours: what time is last entry?

Eastern Electrics 2023 will happen on Saturday 26th August Bank Holiday between 12pm and 10pm.. Last entry to the event is 6pm. All early bird and second release ticket holders must arrive before 2:30pm.

Entrance and ID: if I’m under 18 will I be allowed entry to Eastern Electrics?

No, entry to the festival is strictly for ages 18 and over. You must have a valid physical ID to enter.

What ID should I bring?

We accept passports, UK driver’s licences or provisional licences.

How do I get to the festival?

Waltham Cross station will be closed on the day, please use one of the below methods of transport to get to the festival

  • EE Shuttle buses operating frequently from Tottenham Hale Station (30 min drive)
  • £10 return tickets are available via RA
  • Theobalds Grove if travelling by overground
  • Local buses to Waltham Cross
  • Book your taxi to Lee Valley Showground and follow signs for taxi drop off


Taxi & Drop Off

  • Drop offs will be at White Water Raft Centre as usual (EN9 1AB)
  • If you’re getting an Uber, Bolt or Free now your drop off location will be (EN8 8AS)


  • Shuttles will be picking people up from Tottenham Hale between 11am - 6pm and dropping them off a 5 minute walk from the festival site. You will see security outside the station who can guide you to the bus stop on Watermead Way. (
  • It takes about 30 minutes to get from Tottenham Hale to the festival site in the shuttle
  • Buy your return ticket (valid both ways) via RA ahead of time to help us make the onboarding process quick.


  • Theobold’s Grove is operating as normal with Overground from Liverpool St, Bethnal green and Seven Sisters

Driving & Parking

  • We do not encourage people to drive to the festival.
  • If you are intending to drive, please note that we have several road closures in place and hire out a number of the local car parks making them unavailable for use.
  • Please ensure you park on the same side of the festival site as you are arriving from to avoid getting stuck in event traffic as the event finishes.

Look out for signs as you head to site, or ask our security and traffic teams out on the road if you have any questions.


Taxi & Pick up

If you plan to leave the festival site by taxi or other kind of pick up, please see the information below:

Due to the traffic management in place after 20:00 it’s important that you depart from the correct side of site, follow instructions below so you don’t get caught in traffic:

  • If you’re travelling into London, North or to the West, please order pick ups from this location (EN8 8AS) (27min walk)
  • There should be some black cabs available to collect from Waltham Cross station – but we can’t guarantee how many or how long they’ll last.
  • If you are travelling east of the site (towards Essex) please follow the instruction of staff as you leave the site to head in that direction.

Shuttles to Tottenham Hale

  • Shuttles to Tottenham Hale (Victoria Line) will be picking people up from outside the festival from 20:00.
  • You may be waiting for a little while to get on a bus but we are going to keep the site open longer so you can grab some food or a soft drink while you wait. Buy your return ticket (Valid both ways) here to help us make the process quick.


Theobold’s Grove is operating as normal – please note it will get busy on departure, so be prepared to queue a little bit. Please note the capacity at Theobold’s Grove is limited, so please either leave early to ensure you can get on a train, or use our shuttle service to head back into Tottenham Hale for the Victoria Line.

Where can I buy an Eastern Electrics ticket?

We recommend you purchase your tickets through our supported ticket outlets - Resident Advisor, DICE, Skiddle, Ticketweb. Attendees ID's must match the name on their ticket / enter with the person who purchased the ticket, or you will not gain entry. 3rd party resellers are not supported.

For any ticketing queries please email the ticket vendor.

Can I resell my tickets?

Yes, please check with your ticket outlet. For RA, find instructions below.

  • If you've purchased a ticket to a sold-out event and can't attend, you can sell through RA Tickets Resale.
  • You just need to add your ticket to the resale queue by going to My Tickets and clicking "Resell Ticket."
  • Adding your ticket to the resale queue allows RA users to buy your ticket securely.
  • Once the event sells out, the ticket resale queue will become active, selling on a first in, first out, basis.
  • You can change your mind at any time. (Provided your ticket hasn’t already sold.) Just go My Tickets and click on "Keep Ticket."
  • Once resold, the original ticket is cancelled, you are notified immediately and refunded the full face-value (minus the booking fee) within a few days.
  • Resale tickets will always be available at the final ticket tier price. The original ticket holder benefits from a full face-value refund, while the promoter receives any additional revenue.
  • The new customer will immediately receive a new, 100% genuine ticket to the event.

For any ticketing queries please email

VIP tickets: what do they include & can I upgrade my ticket?

VIP tickets include backstage lounge passes, upgraded toilets, a private bar, and a dedicated entrance lane upon entry. A VIP upgrade option is available through all ticket vendors.

Shall I bring cash / card?

Eastern Electrics festival is totally cashless. Please therefore make sure to bring a card with funds & a phone charger if you will be using your phone as a method of payment.

Will there be safe storage / lockers?

Keys and wallet lockers – 100 x 200 x 150

Great if want to store phones, ID, wallets, car keys etc in a dry supervised area. These tiny lockers are undercover in our office area. We lock your items away for you but you can come and go as often as you like. £10.00

Cloakroom storage lockers – 250 x 300 x 400

Perfect for storing coats, sweatshirts, day bags, handbags, cameras etc. Book an outdoor Cloakroom locker and you get a wristband that allows you access to the locker area. Set your own PIN code on your locker and then come and go as often as you like. £10.00

Bag Drop

Larger items can be left at our bag drop. You are issued a wristband and we look after your bag for the duration of your stay. You cannot retrieve items from the bag drop during the festival. £15.00

Ticketing: what does one Eastern Electrics ticket get me?

One day ticket will gain you entry into the daytime event.

If I leave Eastern Electrics, will I be able to get back in?

No, there’s no re-entry.

Personal Safety

There have been reports of dangerous pills circulating London.

If you feel unwell at any point please head to our medical tent where you will be treated without judgement.

Please head to for more information & advice.

On the day where can I collect my lost property?

Lost property will be clearly labelled on site. Please ask the staff there for more information.

Lost property post event?

Please email if you lost an item.

Will I be able to bring my own food and drink to Eastern Electrics?

Not once you’ve reached the search teams, after then you cannot take food and drink onto the site. Local food and drink vendors will be available on site.

Prohibited Items?

Please note, everyone will be searched upon arrival. Any of the below items will be discarded if found.

  • Fireworks, laser pens, or flares.
  • Alcohol, illicit drugs, or legal highs including nitrous oxides.
  • Animals (with the exception of guide dogs).
  • Glass.
  • Cans.
  • Hi-vis waistcoats, jackets or vests.
  • Bicycles or scooters.
  • Chairs.
  • Cool boxes / picnic hampers.
  • Pens or paint.
  • Liquids
  • * including perfume.
    * sun-cream is allowed, security will test on their skin.
  • Food.
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (aka drones).
  • Anything which could be considered an offensive weapon or could cause danger or a nuisance.
  • Regular umbrellas are approved - so long as they don't have a metallic spike tip, like golf umbrellas, those types of umbrellas are banned.
  • Scooters


We’re on a mission to make our events as inclusive as it can be. This includes making the information around accessibility as useful as possible. If you have any questions, please get in touch using the email

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