Jamie Jones Top Fiv(EE)

30th Jan

Jamie Jones  delivered an array of tracks that have become anthems in the global dance scene. Here are Jamie Jones' top 5 songs that showcase his musical genius.

"Summertime" (2012): This track encapsulates the essence of summer with its upbeat tempo and infectious melody. Jones' ability to blend house and techno elements shines through, making it a favorite in festival sets.

"Hungry for the Power" (2011): A collaboration with Hot Natured, this track is a dancefloor classic. Its pulsating bassline and hypnotic vocals create an irresistible energy, cementing its place in the electronic music hall of fame.

"My paradise" (2023): A more abstract, chopped-up house entry, undeniably funky with some synths and keys that sound like they shouldn't work - but by God do they.

"Our Time in Liberty" (2014): A departure from the usual dancefloor bangers, this track showcases Jones' versatility. Its dreamy atmosphere and intricate production highlight how good he is at doing this.

“Lose My Mind” (2022): Beefed up with a nice, bouncy low-end, there’s plenty of funk to this one, which comes with assistance from Shift K3Y and Paul Harris. Keen-eared listeners will also recognise the golden tones of Connie Constance on vocals, who brings her soulful and buoyant vocal style to the dancefloor. In fact, it’s a little surprising she hasn’t lent her talents to more house music.